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At Any Season Builders, it has been our mission for almost twenty years, to transform our client’s dream designs into an extraordinary reality. If you desire exquisitely finished work, we are the premier basement remodeler in Newtown, MA. We are a full-service residential remodeling company, specializing in ensuring your home renovations are a stunning success.


Is your bathroom functional and void of all the trimmings and comfort? Unless that’s your perfect bathroom, Any Season Builders can tailor your bathroom with elevated tastes. We have the skill and experience to reimagine the mundane to create what surpasses expectation. Your bathroom is more than just a terminal stop to get ready to leave the nest. We aim to provide comfort and satisfaction with the inclusion of features such as vanities, showers, saunas and more.

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Although the bathroom may be simply a terminal stop for some, there are others who consider the bathroom their relaxation time. Before you even begin to think of paint and fixtures there are a few things to consider.

What Type Of Bathroom Do You Currently Have?

The type of bathroom you currently have does have an impact on the type of bathroom renovation actually possible. Four main types of bathrooms have been identified as the master bathroom, guest bathroom, powder room, and full bathroom. Each has its own unique design and array of bathroom remodeling possibilities.

Master Bathroom

Usually, this type of bathroom is designated to the homeowner. It is a full-service bathroom which is used daily. In homes where there is only one master bath, it is used by everyone in the home. Typically, as an important bathroom, a fair amount of money is often spent on attractive fixtures and materials to create a durable and extravagant experience.

Guest Bathroom

Usually designated for the guests, this room is occasionally used when guests visit. It is also a full-service bathroom, possessing a sink, toilet and shower/tub combination. In homes where the children have left to lead their own lives, their bathroom may be converted to the guest bathroom. Such a bathroom, because it is secondary, is usually economically furbished. That way the owner can cut costs with affordable finishings and fittings.

Powder Room

This room is also called a half-bath as it usually contains only a sink and a toilet. It is also a secondary bathroom which serves merely to be a convenience to the occupants of the home as well as guests. Due to its small size, a bathroom renovation is achieved quickly and affordably since its size limits what can be done.

Full Bathroom

In this bathroom all the amenities are available - sink, toilet, vanity and shower/tub. These types are used often. As such the materials and fixtures chosen for this type of bathroom should be durable and may be a bit costly but not as extravagant as a master bathroom.


The finance available for your bathroom renovation will determine what improvements can be made. Additionally, fixtures selected should have a long life as they need to serve your needs for the long term. Yet even with a small budget, the end result of your bathroom remodeling task can make a statement.

Mix and Match

Based on your design and tastes, you may custom your bathroom tastefully with a mix and match of color and fixtures to create a unique space. For example, glass or mosaic tiles, tend to be expensive to install. However, using a few sheets to accentuate the vanity or part of the shower can surely add appeal to your space.

Curved Shower Rods

Ever heard of optical illusions created by fixtures. A curved shower rod tends to create the image of a bigger shower space than is actually there. They may be more costly than a regular rod, however, they are sturdier and stylish. Large mirrors can also be used to make the bathroom seem bigger than it is. Inserting heating pads behind the mirror can prevent the misting of the mirrors after showers.

Simplicity is Key

Avoid addition ornamentation, steps and other non-essential molding and details which can make the bathroom remodeling project difficult and costly. For example, a well-done simple plan is much easier to execute than a complex bathroom renovation for a half-bath.

Water-proof the Bathroom

Water damage can be a serious problem in both the long run and short term. It is therefore advisable to waterproof the bathroom during your bathroom remodeling project. This is easily achieved through the use of tile backer boards to line the shower area. If you are considering underfloor heating, a leak can cause some serious and costly damage to repair.

Ventilation is Important

A poorly ventilated bathroom can be rather uncomfortable and damp when condensation occurs after showers, for example. This excessive moisture could also contribute to mold growth and wood rot over a period of time. Therefore installing the right ventilation system, such as extractor fans or a window vac can help remove the excess moisture.

Who Will Be Performing The Bathroom Renovation?

Select a reputable contractor who has the experience and recommendations from their previous clients. Ask to see samples of their work, to give you an idea of what you could possibly achieve when they are selected to do your bathroom remodeling project. Ensure that a contract is drawn up between you and your selected contractor so that all parties are aware of their liabilities and responsibilities.

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Any Season Builders offers three very important features with every job: $2,000,000 Liability Insurance, fully licensed and continuously educated on changing codes and building trends,and a comprehensive three-year warranty. These are features that we provide you, the customer. The benefit that you gain is piece of mind while Any Season gives your most important investment a beautifying face-lift. If you are interested in a complimentary estimate, we encourage you to call (888) 802- 1089, or submit a request on our page and we will be in touch to schedule a time to visit your home. We’re confident that once you choose Any Season Builders, we can change “Potential Customer” to “Satisfied Customer”!



I started this business out of a desire to work with my hands, and to enjoy the freedom that comes with being self employed. It is a deep belief of mine that self employed contractors and tradesmen are becoming fewer and fewer, and it is the responsibility of us all to produce good work and promote good will with the public by doing what’s right and doing everything we can to educate ourselves and our clients on the best practices for each project. It’s no longer wood and some nails. It is our duty to consider not only design and general construction, but also budget development, energy efficiency, environmental impact, site protection, dust and debris containment, and follow up/post project customer service. This is what separates top tier builders from some guy with a truck. I do my very best on each and every project to deliver on each of those facets relating to your project in a communicative manner, which is why I often tell clients that while I’m not the cheapest bid they will receive, I am confident that I am the best blend of quality, service, and cost.


We are here to discuss your project needs.